Note for AWS re:Invent 2016 Multi-Region Delivery Netflix Style (DEV311)

Posted by Kakashi on 2016-12-13

Note for AWS re:Invent 2016: Multi-Region Delivery Netflix Style (DEV311)

  • Use spinnaker to deploy
  • Chaos monkeys to make sure robotness of system
  • automatically canary analysis
  • continually delivery is ultimately about making deployments boring
  • 4000 deployments per day
  • have a blameless post-mortem culture
  • don’t deploy multiple region at the same time
  • blue/green deployments is your friends
  • opposed to rolling deployment
  • the traffic is cyclic -> use deployment windows -> affect smaller amount of ppl
    • during the evening hours SPS going to spike
    • SPS => streaming starts per second
  • automatically canary analysis
    • compare 2 different version of running software taking the production traffic
    • use metrics to see if deployment could be applied.
  • automation is a no-brainer
  • using slack or SMS inform ppl instead of email (not a good real-time communication mechanism)
  • manual judgement, human can decide to keep running pipeline or stop according to each stage status.
    • human have a gut